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Wednesday, October 10, 2007 Cute Baby Shower Game -- Name that Baby Food

In one of our recent newsletters a reader asked about fun baby shower games. Here's a new idea sent in to me by a reader:

I just had a baby shower for my daughter with a bunch of women who hate games. So I made it fun and simple and did the baby food game.
I purchased several jars of baby food (single ingredient work best) and removed the lables. I placed 3 jars on each table and numbered the lids with sharpie markers. The women received a paper numbered 1-15 when they arrived.
In order to WIN the game, they had to get up and walk around (causing them to mingle with folks they did not know-many made some new friends) They were not allowed to open the jars to taste or smell, just to look at the jar and check color and consistency. The person who got the most right, won a great big gift basket filled with scrapbooking supplies.
This had to be the best game my friends and family ever did at a shower. They really had fun.

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