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Wednesday, September 16, 2009 An Unusual - and Useful - Way to Wrap Any Gift

You've probably heard of tea towels before to wrap a gift, especially a shower gift. Just choose a nice, large size and you can easily wrap up most average sized gifts.

But, I heard a new idea the other day that I just had to share - use a re-usable canvas bag to wrap a gift! Envirosax brand is my absolute favorite, because they're easy to bundle up again and carry in your purse all the time, and the handles are wide enough to create a beautiful 'bow' on the top of your gift. And the recipient can use the 'gift wrapping' over and over again.

Here are some cute environmentally friendly bags that you could use to wrap up a present:

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Get Socks Whiter - Get out Stains

Love this old tip that newsletter subscribers sent in. Whiten socks - and all your white laundry - in all sorts of ways. My favorite is with dishwasher detergent liquid. My favorite pair of white socks with a tartan pattern on them is going to get a treatment of dishwasher detergent in about five minutes! lol

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