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Tuesday, March 05, 2013 10 Products You Never Need to Buy Again

We're all trying to save a little money nowadays, so a listing of 10 products you never need to buy will help you to stop wasting money on unnecessary extras! If you have a quick fix for a product you used to waste money on, then please post it in the comments section. I'd love to read about your ideas!

  1. Age Spot Treatment/Dark Spot Treatment - these two fantastic and simple tricks will help to naturally treat dark spots (or age spots). You probably have all the ingredients you need right now in your kitchen.
  2. Cleaning Wipes - This simple formula allows you to create your own cleaning wipes at home. Use a really durable type of paper towels for these to stand up -- something like Bounty will work well, or even those heavy duty blue paper towels.
  3. Fruit and Veggie Produce Wash Spray - So easy, you'll laugh to think you can make this alternative for pennies - as opposed to the $4.00 or more the veggie wash sprays cost in supermarkets.
  4. Bath Oils and Bubble Bath - Once you master making your own bath oils, bath salts, and even bottles of bubble bath - you can make plenty for yourself, and lots to give away as economical gifts!
  5. Scouring powder - Baking soda is the best scouring or scrubbing cleaner you'll ever use. And, it's completely natural and non-toxic, and super cheap to boot. Here's our collection of other baking soda uses.
  6. Bread - Sure, baking bread takes a little more effort than grabbing a loaf at the grocery store. But, if you use a bread machine and replace store bought bread with homemade, your intial outlay on the bread machine will quickly be made back! Plus, you get to enjoy that incredible, soothing scent of fresh bread baking when you come back home.
  7. Cosmetics and make-up - You can replace some of your cosmetics with homemade varieties. This link takes you to some awesome lip balm recipes. You can turn any of them into a tinted balm by simply scraping off some of your favorite lipstick and melting it gently, then stirring it right in. (Another tip for fair skinned folks like myself: a dusting of cornstarch makes a perfect replacement for face powder! Just don't use too much or you'll look a little pasty. ;) ) Keep your old lip balm tins or jars to re-use with your own delightful cosmetic creations.
  8. Carpet stain remover - Two simple ingredients replace all the chemicals in most carpet cleaners. It's too easy!
  9. Dog treats and dog biscuits - Scroll down on the link page to find a couple of tried and true doggy biscuit recipes that are easy, and healthy for your favorite pooch.
  10. Finger paints for kids - About halfway down the page, you'll find this easy and fun recipe. Get the kids to help making the paints too, and then they can get all artsy and creative and paint away an afternoon. 

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