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Wednesday, July 20, 2011 Kitchen Crafts 'n' More Newsletter for July 20, 2011 - Natural Skin Toners and Cool Beverages for the Hot Weather

Kitchen Crafts 'n' More Newsletter

"Recipes, crafts and help around the home."
Issue #504
July 20, 2011

Hey everyone,

Here's a slightly changed version of the newsletter. I've been working on it since Monday, but due to technical difficulties (and let me admit - it doesn't seem hard for me to find these!) I wasn't able to post to the site.'s a blog version instead. Enjoy the juicy, cold drinks and the equally refreshing facial treats.

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In Today's Issue:

- Delicious Cold Drinks to Satisfy Every Sweet Tooth this Summer

- Natural Skin Toners: No recipe needed! Just easy natural ones you can buy for about a buck.


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Banana Split Milkshakeshave all the classic flavors of your favorite summertime dessert blended up into a gorgeous drink!

Coffee Sodas are a coffee lovers dream come true! Blended iced coffee and coffee ice cream (plus other delectable additions like whipped cream) make this a special summertime coffee shop favorite. Plus - scroll down on that page to find a fabulous Frappuccino copycat recipe.

Classic Lemonadeis a frugal option, as it's composed of just water, sugar and fresh lemons - but wow, are the results ever refreshing on a hot day! Or, get double lemony flavor and freeze some of your leftover lemonade for lemonade ice cubes.

Natural Skin Toners

After recently trying a pricey sample of a luxurious skin brand toner (okay, I'll fess up and even tell you the brand name! It was Arbonne), I decided that there just had to be a natural alternative! Instead of spending a lot of money on expensive brands, try one of these natural skin toners instead:

Witch Hazel as a Skin Toner

Yes, a bottle of regular witch hazel can be used as a skin toner. Bottles can cost just a dollar or two and should last months. Test a small, inconspicous area of the inside of your arm before testing on delicate facial skin, though. (This is always a good idea - especially if you're prone to allergic reactions or have extra-sensitive skin.) Just pour a little onto a cotton ball, and gently wipe across your face to remove impurities. It's also said that witch hazel is very effective against acne. Instead of using skin treatments that are filled with chemicals, try this very natural choice instead.

Rosewater as a Skin Toner

Rosewater is a gentle and natural skin toner, a good option for anyone who wants something truly natural and without additives. Use it in a similar way as you did the witch hazel - first cleanse the skin with a gentle skin cleanser, and then pour a little rose water onto the cotton puff, and gently wipe across the skin. Rosewater is basically just what it sounds like - and recipes for making your own rosewater are easily found on the Internet. If you don't have fresh non-pesticide treated roses to make your own rosewater, then commercial rosewater is also easy to find. Check in pharmacies or natural health and natural food stores.

OR...If you'd like to try a commercial product:
Burt's Bees makes a nice gentle combination toner that has Rosewater and if you prefer a natural, pre-made product that might be the one to try! I also just love their original Burt's Bees lip balm.


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