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Saturday, August 25, 2007 My Top 10 Picks - Favorite Tips, Tricks, Recipes & Household Hints for KCnM Readers Today

I loooove doing these top 10 lists, because they're fun for me to compile - and hopefully just as much fun for you KCnM subscribers to browse through! Enjoy these Top 10 Favorite Things from our WEbsite...

  1. Try a really fun and unusual craft with your friends and family when you give these Homemade Cosmetics recipes a try. Hey, you could even sell these at craft sales!
  2. Who says that cleaners have to be toxic? You guys know that I love natural cleaners, and this All Natural All-Purpose Cleaner couldn't possibly be any simpler to make and use. (And it actually works! Go figure!)
  3. Find some inspiration for your next get together with our free collection of Appetizer Recipes.
  4. Asbestos testing seems incredibly intimidating, and downright scary when you consider what some of the health risks can be to your family. This helpful article might very well set your mind at ease.
  5. One of the best sections on our site, in my humble opinion, is our collection of Bars and Squares Recipes. These are so easy to whip up for school bake sales, or to give to a neighbor as a 'thinking of you' gift!
  6. Another fantastic section on our site for recipes is The Cheesecake Recipes Page. I'm a cheesecake addict, so if you guys have a new cheesecake recipe that I should add to the page, send it on in to me, please!
  7. Debt makes us lose sleep, lose perspective AND even lose hope that we'll ever get ourselves out of its bonds. This Article on Eliminating Debt is one I love, because it shows you how even tiny extra payments on your bills can help you get rid of your debt a lot faster.
  8. Trying to feed a family on a limited budget? This article is one that will provide you instant money saving inspiration!
  9. Is your hair dried out from the summer heat? Treat yourself to a pampering spa-style hair treatment that won't break the bank!
  10. And finally, something delicious to end off this top 10 List. Some of these should ease your sweet tooth: Homemade Caramels, Orange Chocolate Chip Ice Cream, or Microwave Fast and Easy Chocolate Fudge.
  11. Oh, and one of the most interesting Make It Yourself recipes on the whole site is this one for Homemade Dishwasher Detergent

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