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Tuesday, August 14, 2007 Cute New Cookie Cutters to Add to Your Collection

If I've learned one thing while working at the kitchen shop, it is that a LOT of people have cookie cutter collections! It's a fun, and inexpensive collection (individual cookie cutters cost around a buck or two a piece!) - and hey - making cookies is about the MOST fun activity I can think of. Especially on a gloomy, rainy day will a pan of freshly baked, fun-shaped cookies cheer the family up.

So, I went and searched for some fun new cookie cutters you can add to your collection. Then the next time a burst of cookie creativity hits you, you can make some adorably shaped (and decorated) cookies. Enjoy!

... Such CUTE Cookie Cutters ...
Including a dinosaur cookie cutter set, a set of Dog biscuit cookie cutters in bone shapes and others (which Fido will surely appreciate), and all sorts of other fabulous cookie cutters I thought you would all like to see. :)

... Learn how to DECORATE Cookies You Bake ...

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