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Saturday, August 25, 2007 Some Gluten Free Baking Tips from Sharon

Thanks to Sharon for these tips, which she sent to me via email. I hope they help all of us who are trying to reduce or eliminate gluten from our diets!

I have to look later, but as the contact person in our area said, if an "ordinary" recipe calls for 1 cup flour, the gluten free 1 cup flour can be substituted in recipe. I use the "Bette Hagman" recipe for pancakes and pie crust. Pie crust is pretty awful compared to the gluten way. It doesn't roll out, have to piece meal it into plate & it always crumbles when biting into it. Has been suggested to make "pies" without crust. I just don't bother - maybe once or twice a year. Sweets were never a thing I needed. I've tried bread once, totally flopped & was never brave to try again - so disgusted as flour was so expensive. Have recipe for date muffins that are tolerable. Dates make it moister.
Hope some of this helps, Sharon

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