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Tuesday, August 29, 2006 Handy Household Hints and Tips: Grocery List Ideas

A Great Grocery List Saves You Time & Money

A well-organized grocery list makes grocery shopping a breeze! Here's my favorite way to organize my list:

  1. Use either an envelope, or a piece of computer paper folded over and attached together with a paper clip. This way you can write (or print out on the computer) the list, and have your coupons handy inside.
  2. Think about how your favorite grocery store is organized. Which aisles do you go down first? Write the list in order of how you go through the store, to make it easy to get everything you need without backtracking. You can include brief headings, such as Produce, Meats/Deli, to keep the list more organized.
  3. If an item on your list has a coupon inside, I like to highlight that item on my list, so I can easily remember which food item has an accompanying coupon.
  4. To make a great grocery list, you'll need to make a menu/meal plan for the week! This is a great habit to get into, because not only will you have all the food you need on hand to create a weeks' worth of meals, but you'll end up saving a lot of time and money too.
  5. As if often mentioned, don't shop on an empty stomach! :) Have at least a snack before you go grocery shopping, which will make it so much easier to stick to the items on your list!
  6. Finally - keep your grocery list attached to the fridge with a magnet. This makes it easy to add items to your list as you run out of them.

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