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Thursday, October 05, 2006 Easy Cream Pie Making Tip

Easy Cream Pie Making Tips
Submitted by Joyce - thank you! :)

Here is one of my favorites.
For any cream pie recipe and it even works with lemon meringue.

Easy cream pies

Gather all ingredients and put them in a microwave safe bowl (except
for the egg whites) Mix very well and microwave on high for three or
four minutes at a time stirring each time until the mixture is
thickened, remove from microwave fill 9" browned pie crust, beat egg
whites for meringue and brown the meringue in the oven as directed in
the conventional recipe.

This is handy during the Holidays as you don't have to stand over the
stove for ever stirring when you have several pies to make, as this
recipe can be doubled just fine.

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