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Tuesday, June 20, 2006 Kids Crafts: Easy Colorful T-Shirts (Using Crayons)

Submitted by Shannon:

What to do with all those crayons...hmmm. I have the perfect craft!

We did this when I was in brownies (I won't say how many, many years ago that was), and we just had the best time doing it!

What you need:
Plain white t-shirt
Crayons shaved, broken, or chopped into tiny bits. Keep the colors separated, or you'll end up with a nasty black or brown!
Wax paper
Dish towel
Warm Iron and ironing board

Lay your shirt on an ironing board. If you plan on having the design on the front of the shirt, make sure you have the front side facing up, as this will be your "canvas". (Sounds like a given, but you never know!)

Place a large piece of wax paper on the inside of the shirt(wax side facing the "canvas" side of the shirt). Sprinkle the crayon bits into any design you want. You can write stuff, too, but make sure it's done large. As the crayon melts, it will melt together, and you'll end up with a mess if your design is too small. I did that the first time or two. For practice, try doing it on an old t-shirt, or a clean cotton rag.

Once you have your desired design, place a large piece of wax paper over it (wax side faxing down away from the iron). Place the dish towel over that. Press the warm iron over the crayons until they're all melted. Don't iron like you would normally do, or you'll end up pushing the wax all around. Use the iron on a low to medium heat to melt the crayons into place. Then remove the towel and the waxed paper to see the new creation! Since the crayons are colored, the idea is to melt the color into the fabric. The wax will usually wash off, but the colors remain for a LONG time! And make sure you let the shirt cool before removing the wax paper from the inside of the shirt! That wax will be hot!!

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