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Friday, June 16, 2006 More Amazing Uses for Vinegar: Kills Fleas, Strengthens Nails, Treats Athlete's Foot

Big thanks to the reader who sent in these great new uses for one of our favorite household products - VINEGAR!

I was looking for a way to combat fleas and learned some interesting tips...If your pets are known for having fleas, adding a quarter cup ofvinegar to their water three or four times a week is going to help in the prevention of fleas.

You can use vinegar for fleas on puppies that are too young for regular flea products. Straight white vinegar applied with a cottonball, keep from their nose and eyes. Try to warm it a bit first, thepuppies will not mind the smell and their coats will be so soft

The best way to keep flies away from horses or other pets is to mix in a spray bottle some water and vinegar and spray around the areas where the animals are. This will save you a lot of money on terrible chemicals.

Soaking your nails in vinegar for as little as five minutes a day will help cure your brittle nails.

Do you have unsightly toenails? If you have a toe fungus problem use one part vinegar to one part warm water and soak your feet. This repeated over the course of a week will clear up your toenails.

Are you suffering from athlete's foot, try soaking in vinegar. Not only will this soften your feet, but also vinegar will kill thebacteria that cause athlete's foot.

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