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Wednesday, June 14, 2006 Beach Party Cups for Kids (Cooking with Kids Recipes)

Beach Party Cups
Thanks to Shannon for sending in this cute idea for summer...

This is perfect for kids to be involved in as well. Instant pudding and vanilla wafers make this an easy dessert for any summer party. Parental supervision is recommended.

What You Need
Instant Vanilla pudding
Milk (per instructions on pudding)
Vanilla wafers (cookies)
Ziploc bag, freezer or storage
Rolling pin
Miniature umbrellas (find at party supply store)
******Small bounce balls to look like a beach ball, or a large shooter marble
Clear plastic drinking cups

How To Make It
Follow the directions on the package of instant vanilla pudding. Divide the pudding between the clear plastic drinking cups (box directions will give you number of servings). Place cups in refrigerator. Place vanilla wafers in Ziploc bag. Break the wafers up a bit. Use the rolling pin to roll the wafers into very small pieces. Sprinkle the sand across the top of all the cups. You will want about 1/4" of sand on top of the pudding. Place back in refrigerator until time to serve. At party time, remove cups from refrigerator, add a small bounce ball and an opened miniature umbrella to the cup.

****TipA large shooter marble may be used - however this is recommended only for older children as it does present a choking hazard. A suitable alternative would be to use a fruit roll up to represent a beach towel.

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