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Wednesday, October 19, 2011 Removing Laundry Stains - Removing Baby Stains from Clothing

Here are two awesome tips submitted by readers on getting out some of the toughest and nastiest stains ever - baby stains!

Baby Stain Remover - TIPS
"Try mixing some dry meat tenderizer with a small amount of water and then rub onto the formula stains. Scrub a little and let it set a little while. Then wash as usual. Used to work for me when I was a young mom. Hope it works." Submitted by Peg.
"Fill your washer with the hottest possible water....add one cup of bleach and a cup and a half of ganulated automatic dishwashing detergent...and a little laundry detergent...add the clothes and agitate for a few minutes and turn off...let sit overnight. Then run the washer full cycle...stains should be removed and this also works on perspiration stains on adult's clothing." Submitted by Janice

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