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Wednesday, October 19, 2011 Two Ways to Remove Pet Hair from Furniture

Here are two helpful hints for any pet owners who are faced with the problem that we all are - pet fur on the furniture, and how to remove it:

Removing Pet Fur/Hair from Furniture
1. "Tell the reader that an alternative to the rollers is using a washable/cleanable mit or brush. They can be found at places like Pet's Mart for around $5." (Submitted by Kendy)
2. "For my couch and chair, I use a rubber glove and a small bucket of water (to be able to easily rinse off the glove). It works wonderfully - I get the fur and the layer of dust that settles on everything. Perhaps you could find a larger rubber item, like a piece of piping or maybe some shoe covers, and just dip it/them into a bucket of water, give a quick shake, and then run it over the carpet. The fur will stick together and ball up, making it easy to remove. Also, buy one of those shedding loops and a couple of different brushes, and brush your dog outside AT LEAST once a week. I'd also try bathing more often, if you have the time."(Submitted by Jennifer)

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