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Thursday, January 20, 2011 Extreme Couponing - How Extreme Would You go to save money?

Extreme Couponing is all the rage, and I watched the TLC show with great interest. Who wouldn't be impressed by someone who could get over $1000 worth of groceries for under $20!?!

But, the extreme WORK and DEDICATION to this were also obvious. And it seems downright stressful.

So, what do YOU think? How extreme is your couponing? Would you be willing to put in more time and energy to research and collect coupons in order to save the big bucks?

Personally...I think I'm somewhere in the middle. I like using coupons when there are already good sales on, so the overall price is very low. But, as for carts and carts of products...well, I just couldn't be bothered! ;)

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