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Friday, April 17, 2009 Salt and Flour Finger Paints - Frugal Crafts for Kids

Salt and Flour Finger Paints
Here's an old-time favorite recipe from our website. If the kids are looking for something fun (and you're looking for a frugal craft-time activity) then these fun paints will be perfect. The kids can even help make the paints, before they get creative and make their artistic masterpieces! this is a non-toxic recipe.

2 c Flour
2 ts Salt
3 c Cold water
2 c Hot water
Food colouring - in lots of different colors for a variety of paints.

Add the salt to the flour in a saucepan. Pour in cold water gradually and beat the mixture with an egg beater until smooth. Add the hot water and boil the mixture until it becomes glossy. Beat it until it is smooth. Mix in food colouring.

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