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Friday, March 27, 2009 Famous Beer Cheese Soup - from the 94th Aero Squadron Restaurant in St. Louis

94th Aero Squadron's Beer Cheese Soup
Here is the recipe from the famous 94th Aero Squadron Restaurant in St. Louis, MO. (Now closed)
Thanks to Jeannie for submitting the recipe!

6 cups milk, divided
1/2 to 3/4 tsp. Tabasco Sauce (to taste)
3 Tbsp. Worcestershire sauce (restaurant uses Lea & Perrins brand)
1 1/2 strips bacon, coarsely chopped
1/3 cup onion, coarsely chopped
2 Tbsp. chicken bouillon granules
4 1/2 Tbsp. cornstarch
1 (16 oz) jar Cheez Whiz
1 (12 oz) can beer

Combine 5 2/3 cups milk, Tabasco and Worcestershire sauces in a large pot. Stir to combine well.

In a heavy skillet, sauté bacon until crisp; pour off half the fat. Add onion; stir and cook until wilted. Add chicken bouillon and cook, stirring 3 or 4 minutes. Add bacon mixture to milk mixture and heat over medium heat. When milk begins to steam (at about 180º) combine cornstarch and reserved 1/3 cup milk, stirring until smooth.

Stir mixture into hot milk mixture and cook, stirring frequently, until soup thickens. Add Cheez Whiz, stirring almost constantly. Stir in beer, including the foam.

Strain through a metal mesh strainer into a large bowl*. If necessary, reheat.Yield: 10 ( 1 cup) servings

*Note: For extra flavor and texture, I stirred the bacon and onion back into the soup. If you wish, add more Worcestershire sauce and Tabasco at the table.

Approximate Nutrition Information per serving: 258 calories; 15 g fat (52 % calories from fat); 48 mg cholesterol; 12 g protein; 16 g carbohydrate; trace fiber; 1,541 mg sodium.

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