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Friday, February 27, 2009 Frugality Tips and Hints - How to Save Money on Groceries

How do YOU save money on groceries? Here are a few of my favorite ways, but please post a few comments and share your money saving secrets, too.

  1. Cut back on meat - rely more on lentils, beans and soy products, since meat is often the priciest part of a grocery bill. And eating less meat is healthier, too!
  2. Shop the sales - Stock up when items are on for a great price. And remember that you CAN use coupons when items are already on sale, meaning you'll save a ton of money!
  3. Use coupons - intelligently. Don't use a coupon just to say you used it. Wait until items go on sale and then use coupons to save, and stock up!
  4. Cut back on processed foods - Pricey mixes and pre-packaged foods are almost always more expensive. Stock your pantry with more foods like oats, brown rice and baking essentials such as flour and sugar. Making it yourself will almost always be cheaper overall. And healthier, with fewer chemical additives.

Okay, share your have you and your family been cutting back on the food bill?

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