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Monday, February 16, 2009 5 Amazing Hints and Tips Using White Vinegar

I think vinegar is just plain old fantastic! You can use it to clean naturally or for all sorts of household and health purposes. (Apple cider vinegar is a real favorite for healthier living.)

Here are five of my favorite ways to use vinegar. But, visit the KCnM Vinegar Uses Page for over 70 ways you can use vinegar around the house, for better health and to look great! ('s even useful for facials and other beauty treatments.)

I know that you KCnM readers will have some good ideas to share, so if you have a vinegar use to add to that page, please post it here or else email me with it and I'll add it to the page on the website. Thanks!

For now, here are five of my favorite tips using vinegar:

  1. Fabric softener - 1/2 to 1 full cup of white vinegar in the wash will naturally combat static cling and make for softer, cozier clothes.
  2. Healthy Hair - Rinsing your hair (after you shampoo regularly) with apple cider vinegar will create natural highlights and softer, smoother hair. No more frizzies!
  3. Clean out the dishwasher - Run an empty dishwasher load with a cup of vinegar and it will clean it out from the inside out, removing gunk and build up. Which means cleaner dishes again later on!
  4. Odor Neutralizer and remover - Whether it's smokey smells or pet odors, vinegar is a natural odor sponge. Leave a dish of white vinegar out anywhere you need to neutralize and remove odors. (This is a great tip when you've burnt popcorn in the microwave! Isn't that an awful smell? Leave a dish of vinegar in the microwave overnight and you'll be amazed how much of that stink it removes!)
  5. Unsticky Rice - Here's a vinegar cooking tip! Add a teaspoon of vinegar to the cooking water when you cook white rice and it'll be less sticky!

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