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Friday, April 17, 2009 Fresh Sprintime Beauty - Natural Oatmeal Scrub (Facial Scrubs)

Winter does a real number on our skin, and by the time spring finally comes around we want to freshen up. This natural oatmeal scrub is a perfect way to slough off dead skin cells, leaving fresher, healthier looking skin. And it's easy (and cheap, and we loooove cheap stuff!)

To make your own natural oatmeal facial scrub, you'll need:

Simply mix the two ingredients together, and use all over your clean facial skin, gently scrubbing. Rinse with cool clean water, and moisturize as usual. It's absolutely amazing to me that something as simple as oatmeal can leave your skin feeling so fantastic. Try it out!

Want more simple and natural skincare recipes?

Our Free Listing of Skincare Recipes includes favorites such as Aloe Cleansing Gel, Almonds and Berries Mask, Anti-Aging Face Mask and Herbal Acne Remedy using fresh basil. Treat yourself to a spa treatment at home today!

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