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Wednesday, May 09, 2007 Decadent Dessert Recipes - Kahlua Pudding Bars

Kahlua Pudding Bars Recipe
Submitted by Shannon

This is great for trifle dish.

2 large boxes instant chocolate pudding, mixed and chilled
2 Boxes Brownie mix baked per directions for cake like brownies
1 Large container of Cool Whip, thawed

Mix the pudding per directions and chill (overnight is best so it will set up really well).Bake brownies in a 9x13 pan.While they're baking, and the pudding is chilling, add just a teaspoon or two of Kahlua to the container of cool whip. Mix well. The Cool Whip should be slightly tan. If it needs more, then add it by the teaspoon. You don't want it to get too runny. Refrigerate.

Once the brownies are baked and cooled, cut them into approx 1" sqaures. I do all this right in the 9 x 13 pan I baked them in. Pour about 1/4 cup Kahlua over the brownies. If it seems like it's soaking it up quickly, add another 1/4 cup (or more if you're me...heh heh). Cover and let sit for a couple hours. Removing them from the pan will probably require a thin, metal spatula/egg turner.

Add a single layer of brownie cubes to the bottom of the dish. Then add a layer of pudding, then cool whip. Do this til you reach the top and finish off with cool whip. If you want to make it look pretty, you can add some chocolate curls or shavings to the top. Also, I will say that I like mine loaded with all of it, so I usually do a third box of brownies, and a third box of pudding, and really pile it all on, but that's not required. Enjoy!

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