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Sunday, March 11, 2007 Cleaning and Repairing Eyeglasses - Easy Household Tips and Hints

I wear glasses, and like so many of us - I find that my glasses are always dirty! Here are a few tips that will help all of us to keep our glasses clean and scratch-free:

  1. Here's my favorite homemade eyeglass cleaning formula, sent in to my KCnM Newsletter years ago.
  2. Apparently, cigarette ashes helps to remove scratches from eyeglass lenses! just make a paste of old cigarette ashes (I know, sort of icky...but if it works, it works!) and apply to the scratches on the lens. Repeat a few times, and then wash away with water and buff gently with a lint-free cleaning cloth.
  3. Since smooth peanut butter helps to remove scratches from CD's, it might also work on eyeglasses. Gently apply a bit to the scratched surface of the glasses, and then buff clean. Please let me know how this tip works for you!
  4. Baby oil might also work when used to buff out scratches in eye glasses.
  5. Another great way to clean glasses is VERY simple - just use a drop of regular dishwashing liquid (the smallest drop possible) and use cool water to wash with a lint free cloth. Use another lint free cloth - or my favorite microfiber cloths - to wipe the glasses clean, without streaks or any bits of lint left behind.

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