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Monday, November 20, 2006 Household Hints - Dealing with Hard Water Problems

We moved into our house this spring, and encountered the same problems. We have well water here. The items from the dishwasher looked like they had been not been washed at all. I tried running baking soda and vinegar and "lime-away" through the dishwasher, but nothing worked. The shower and tub had a white film/looked terrible/could not clean. My hair was also looking terrible. Finally, we got a water softener. The water was tested and came up with 21 grains hardness (very hard). We chose to go with a well-known softener company, but you can get install-it-yourself units. Just to let you know, some appliance manufacturers will VOID your warrantee if you use your appliances with hard water. It can gum up the appliances up and ruin them. We had just bought a new washer, and I did not want to risk ruining it with the hard water.

Thanks to Karen for sending in this email, in response to a recent Reader's Question about hard water. For more household hints: Household Hints

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