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Wednesday, November 15, 2006 Re-Using Dehumidifer Water - Is it Safe?

Recently one of our newsletter readers asked about re-using dehumidifer water. Here are some helpful replies from our readers:

Answer from Christi:
Here's a response for your dehumidifier question...Yes, you can use it for just about anything you would use distilled water for, however realize that it will probably contain household dust, etc. A lot of people use this water for watering plants as many plants seem to like it. I've also heard of some using it for photo developing. Just don't drink it :)

Answer from Helen:
Someone asked about reusing water from the dehumidifier -- I use it in my steam iron and I also use it to water my plants -- especially when I'm mixing in fertilizer, etc.

Answer from another reader:
YES! I reuse this water to "hydrate" my house plants. We have a water softening system which is BAD for plants, so the dehumidifier water is great. During the summer I water my plants outdoors with it. GOOD LUCK!

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