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Saturday, October 21, 2006 Question Answered - Toaster Oven Ideas and Recipes for Pat

Recently, Pat wrote in asking for ideas on how to use her toaster oven, since she'd purchased it from a garage sale and hadn't received a booklet in the box. Here are what some of our readers suggested:

Rose says:
"I've gotten things at garage sales without a booklet. What I do is go to the company that made it's website(like and e-mail them, telling them what the product is and the product number. They can usually send you a pdf file which you can copy. Good luck."

Toni wrote in with all sorts of helpful links:
"Hi Christina,

Hope you and the family are all well. Thankyou for putting out a wonderful newsletter.
There are lots of toaster oven recipes on the net to be found. Below are a few links though a couple of them might just be one single recipe but nonetheless a recipe :)

All Blessings,

If you have more ideas for Pat, please send them in to me at

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