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Monday, November 20, 2006 Replace Sugar with Honey in Recipes - How to Use Honey in Baking

Helpful Hints Using Honey
(Thanks to Jeannie V. for sending in these helpful honey hints!)

• Store honey at room temperature in a dry place and out of the direct sun. If it crystallizes, it can easily be reliquified by setting the jar in a pan of very hot water or briefly in the microwave. Temperatures over 140 degrees F will cause adverse flavor changes.

• Honey is higher in calories than sugar. One cup of sugar is 770 calories while a cup of honey is 1034 calories. However, 2/3 cup of honey is equal to 1 cup sugar in sweetening value.

• Because honey contains about 15-18% moisture, you should reduce the liquid portions of recipes by 1 tablespoon for each 1/3 cup of honey used in cooking.

• When substituting honey for sugar in a recipe, lower baking temperatures 25 degrees F.

• Because honey keeps products moist it is difficult to make a crisp cookie. Cookies made with honey keep fresher and keep moist for longer periods. They are excellent for mailing.

• Adding 2 tablespoons of honey to your favorite cake mix will make it light and less crumbly. Add it while stirring the batter.

• When measuring honey, use a cup or spoon in which shortening has already been measured to prevent the honey sticking to the spoon.

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