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Saturday, August 26, 2006 Recipes Found: Strawberry Salad Recipes (3 different types)

Here are some recipes found from a recent request for Strawberry Salad. Debby found these
four - big thanks to her for sharing them. :)

2 bags (10 oz. each) torn romaine lettuce2 cans (15 oz. each) mandarin orange segments, drained4 cups sliced strawberries1 medium red onion, sliced1 cup Caramelized Almonds1 cup Poppy Seed DressingTOSS lettuce with oranges, strawberries and onion in large bowl.SPRINKLE with Caramelized Almonds. ADD Poppy Seed Dressing; mix lightly. Serve immediately.

Ingredients - 2 quarts mixed salad greens - 1 cup strawberries, very ripe -
1/2 cup feta cheese (optional) - 1/3 cup canola or other mild flavored oil -
2 tablespoons lemon juice - 1 clove garlic (optional) -
1 tablespoon water salt and pepper
Container: Large salad bowlPrep Time: 15 minutesDirections
Wash and dry the greens.
Wash, stem and dice the strawberries, reseving a few whole berries for garnish.
Make a vinagrette: mix together 1/3rd cup of canola or other mild-flavored vegetable oil, 2 Tbsp lemon juice, 1 Tbsp water, 1 pressed or mashed garlic clove (optional) and salt and pepper to taste.
With a fork, mash half the diced berries and add to the vinagrette. Stir or shake well.
In a large salad bowl, toss the greens with the dressing, the remaining diced berries, the crumbled feta cheese (if using) and garnish with the whole berries. Serve immediately

2 oz Strawberry Puree1 oz Apple Juice1 oz Papaya Juice1 oz Pineapple Juice2 oz Soda Water
Shake all ingredients (except soda water) and strain into a pina colada glass filled with broken ice. Add the soda, garnish with fruit, add straws and serve.

Strawberry Salad
1 pint strawberries, rinsed, hulled and sliced1/4 cup fresh orange juice, divided1 tablespoon sugarsalad greens1 pound cottage cheese (mild, not tangy)1 teaspoon grated fresh orange rind1/2 cup granola cereal
Combine in electric blender container 1 cup sliced strawberries, 2 tablespoons orange juice and sugar. Cover and process until pureed. Mix cottage cheese with remaining 2 tablespoons orange juice, orange rind and granola cereal. Arrange salad greens on 4 individual serving plates, topping each with 1/2 cup cottage cheese mixture and remaining sliced strawberries. Serve with pureed strawberry sauce, and sprinkle with additional granola cereal, if desired.Makes 4 servings.

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