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Wednesday, August 01, 2007 Recipe Requests of the Week - Italian Bread Dipping Sauce and Healthy Cookies with Prunes and Beet Sugar

Hi everyone,

It's time for our weekly recipe requests! I have two very different requests this week for recipes that both of our readers are desperately looking for. Can you help? If you have one of these recipes, please send it to me now at Thanks!


Recipe Request #1
Italian Bread Dipping Sauce (from an Italian Restaurant)
Requested by: Linda
Here's Linda's email to me:
"I went to an Italian Restaurant
they gave us bread
and a dipping sauce.
It looked like some herbs and then the waitress
drizzled olive oil over it.
When I asked her what was in it she didn't give me the recipe but said it was herbs, bread crumbs and olive oil.
I was wondering if anyone has a recipe for something like this?

Recipe Request #2
Healthy Cookies from Woman's Weekly
with Pureed Prunes and Beet Sugar
Requested by: Jerri
"I am looking for a cookie recipe that was in a weekly woman's newspaper/magazine - I think it was called Women's Weekly or something like that.
It was a 'copycat' recipe of a new cookie that was being sold that was 'good' for you - it had beet sugar, pureed prunes, etc. It was SOOO popular , the health food stores could not keep the beet sugar in stock.

I think it had oat flour and maybe mini chocolate chips for flavor and appeal and had a couple other flavors. It was advertised as a 'diet' cookie, filled your sweet tooth, but the ingredients were good for you and worked for you.

Sorry, I can't remember anymore details.

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