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Monday, July 02, 2007 Questions From Readers - Corn Muffins Request and Help Cleaning the BBQ

Hi everyone,

Today's recipe request is for: Corn Muffins
Do any of you have a great, tender corn muffin recipe to share? And if so...what is your favorite dish to serve corn muffins with? I know I love a hot steamy corn muffin with a bowl of spicy chili.

Today's Reader's Question is: How to clean a stainless steel grill?
Sandy writes:
"My husband just got a new stain less steel grill. SO of course he sprayed the pam grill spray on the cooking surface. Now the question is how do we clean this mess?"

Have a recipe or answer for Sandy's question? Great! Send it to me at and I'll post it here on the blog and/or on the website at

P.S. For Sandy and everyone else -- PAM may seem like a great way to keep your grill and bbq stick-free and easy to clean, but it actually creates a sticky coating on the surface of the grill and any cookware you use it on. It's much better to use a spray bottle with real olive oil inside - light olive oil works best for this application, as it's thinner in consistency and won't clog up the spray bottle. You can use either a regular spray bottle, or purchase one of the aerosol-type bottles at your favorite kitchen shop. (My favorite is by Cuisinart, is stainless steel and allows you to pump air into the bottle which creates pressure for the oil to come out in a nice, steady spray!)

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