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Sunday, January 21, 2007 Use Baking Soda to Clean Your Hair - Natural Health and Beauty Tips from Readers

Here's a great BAKING SODA tip that you may not have heard before:

Leoa writes: "A great use for baking soda is as a hair cleaner. I use
it once a week instead of shampoo. I know it doesn't
lather up, but it removes all the hairspray, grease, etc from your
. It works great and it is much cheaper than expensive
build-up removers. Just put about 1/8 of a cup in your hands and
after you have wet your hair rub in. It also makes a great scrub
for your face. Just use instead of soap."
(Submitted by Leoa back
in 2000!)

Sounds like a really great way to get your hair nice and clean - naturally. I think I'd call this a build up remover. :) Enjoy, all!

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