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Monday, May 08, 2006 Removing Pets Fur from Furniture

As the owner of two cats, this is a fantastic tip! :) Hopefully you'll find it useful too...

"For my couch and chair, I use a rubber glove and a small bucket ofwater (to be able to easily rinse off the glove). It works wonderfully - I get the fur and the layer of dust that settles on everything. Perhaps you could find a larger rubber item, like apiece of piping or maybe some shoe covers, and just dip it/them intoa bucket of water, give a quick shake, and then run it over thecarpet. The fur will stick together and ball up, making it easy toremove. Also, buy one of those shedding loops and a couple of different brushes, and brush your dog outside AT LEAST once a week.I'd also try bathing more often, if you have the time."

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