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Saturday, April 29, 2006 Tips & Hints - How Much Ice Do You Need?

If you're having a party and are stuck trying to figure out how much ice you'll need, this is a handy tip to keep in mind: if you're serving mostly cold beverages WITH ice, figure on at least 1 lb of ice per person. (Especially in summer months.) If you're serving other types of chilled beverages that don't need to be served with ice (such as white wine or champagne) then 1 5-lb bag of ice per every 10 people should be plenty.

It's nice to have lots of extra ice on hand though - at a BBQ it's nice to have a bucket filled with ice and then bottles or cans of water, soda, juices, beer, etc.

P.S. One crazy & cool tip I learned while watching Mythbusters was that by adding a good handful of salt to a bucket of ice and then submerging your beer or sodas in it, they'll get colder WAY faster. Don't ask me to explain - lol - I'm not much of a science genius. But on the show they got their beer cold in about 5 minutes by doing that.

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