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Wednesday, April 19, 2006 Gardening Hints for a Rock Garden

Question: I have a small to moderate area where I would like to start a rock garden. I would like as much colors as possible from spring to fall. Do you have any suggestions for plants?

Answer: Good choices for rock gardens include aethionema (stonecress), androsace (rock jasmine), aquilegia (dwarf columbine), arabis (rockcress), armeria (sea pink), Aurinia saxatillis (basket of gold), campanula, dianthus, dryas, dwarf erigeron (fleabane), lewisa, heuchera (coral bells), Papaver burseri (alpine poppy), saxifrage, sedum, Silene acaulis (cushion pink) and thyme. Each of these plants will make a lovely addition to your rock garden.

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