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Tuesday, March 21, 2006 Easy Basic Milk Bath

Easy Basic Milk Bath
Big thanks to Shannon for sending this in! :)

Equal parts of:
Powdered Milk
Baking Soda

You can literally mix the three in a big bowl and store, but I really like to put it in a blender and mix it all together to get a very fine powder.

Just pour in about a cup for your bathtub.

Mix a few drops of your favorite fragrance oil in with the ingredients while in your blender. Make sure you use this blender for crafting only!! And wash it well when you're done so you don't have fragrances mixing together.

I usually add about 4-6 drops of my favorite oils (less if it's a stronger scent) per cup of Milk Bath mixture.

I also purchased the bottles with cork lids like you find in craft stores, and filled them with this. (Good Will stores often have these bottles very cheap) Then I melted some colored wax, turned the bottle upside down (lid on, obviously), and dipped it in the wax a few times, so it was sealed, and I sold the heck out of them for Christmas, Valentine's Day, and Mother's Day last year! I took them to work, and then I marked them even higher on or just before the actual holiday.

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