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Monday, October 18, 2010 Three Must Have Kitchen Tools and Gadgets

Some gadgets are simply useless wastes of space - and in a kitchen that may already be cramped, that's a serious offence! Here, though, are three always popular, tried and true kitchen gadgets and tools that you'll really want to have at hand when you're ready to prove your culinary prowess.

1. Garlic press - and not just any garlic press will do. This garlic press by Kuhn Rikon was recently given the top spot by Cook's Illustrated magazine. If you've ever read the magazine, you know that it's one of the prime magazines for anyone who loves to cook (or even just loves to READ about cooking.) Here is the top pick: Kuhn Rikon Easy-Squeeze Garlic Press, Black Using a good press like this one will greatly diminish the time needed to press garlic into a fine mince that you can use immediately. Sure, you could chop it finely with a knife, but really nothing makes garlic easier to use than a great garlic press.
Another plus with this model is that it reduces the amount of EFFORT needed to squeeze out that gorgeous garlic.

2. Salad Spinner - An Oxo Good Grips Salad Spinner gets your greens perfectly dried, and ready to accept all that lipsmacking homemade dressing you just whipped up. This plunger type salad spinner works better than the ones with the pull string, which can be frustrating to use and provide equally frustrating results. (ie: soggy leaves)

3. Silpat Baking Sheet Liner - Having a few Silpat Nonstick Silicone Baking Mats on hand means that your samosas, gourmet chocolate chunk cookies, or roasted veggies will never again stick with tenacity to the baking tray! Until you've used one of these, you really have no idea of what you're missing - it will simplify your baking tremendously.

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