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Wednesday, December 30, 2009 Make a Homemade Mocha - Coffee Shop at Home

Homemade Simple Mocha

Now, I'm sure there are about 101 ways to create a delicious mocha at home, but I'd venture to say that this might be one of the easiest. Simply make some of your favorite hot chocolate in a mug, leaving some space for the later addition of fresh coffee. It can hot cocoa made from scratch using cocoa powder, sugar and milk - or a commercial cocoa mix.

Pour in about 1-2 ozs of strong, brewed coffee (or espresso) and stir well to combine. Add some freshly whipped cream on top and enjoy!

** Do YOU have a better way of making a homemade mocha that's the envy of any barrista? Please post your tip in a comment here, or else email it to me at! **

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