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Monday, September 11, 2006 Italian Love Cake Recipe by Connie

Here's the basic recipe plus variations below:
My family is happy with just the cake baked with
the ricotta cheese without the toppings. But when
I'm making it to take or for company, I use the toppings.


1 box vanilla cake mix, batter made as directed on box.
Put batter in a greased or Pam'd deep 9X13 pan. Deep is important!

2 lb ricotta
3 eggs
3/4 cup sugar
2 tsp vanilla

mix above together, pour over batter. don't get fancy, it will eventaully sink.

Bake cake for one hour at 350, 325 if you are using glass.

Cool comletely.

Top with 1 large can well drained crushed pineapple

top with a mixute of:
1 regular size cool whip
1 box vanilla instant pudding mix, and ONE cup milk. Spread on top of pineapple.
Refrigerate overnight.

Peaches and Cream Cake:
I add a tsp of almaond extract and a tso of rum extract to ricotta instead of vanilla.
today I put 1/3 cup banana rum from Bermuda in the cake batter, substituting it for part of the water the box calls for.
I put finely diced peaches on top vs. pineapple.
I used a box of peach pudding mix instead of vanilla.

You can play around with the flavors. Lemon cake mix works well, with fresh blueberries on top instead of pineapple. Lemon pudding
in cool whip.

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