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Thursday, June 29, 2006 Quick Mood Mists (Bath and Body Aromatherapy Recipes)

Mood Mists - Bath and Body Aromatherapy Mist Sprays
Thanks to Christi for this!

From the most recent issue of Body + Soul which arrived today...These mists are the simplest way to experience aromatherapy for yourself. Spray the air around you, mist your hair and skin, or spritz them on linens to leave a light scent. (They won't stain) Whether you're stressed or sluggish, one of these mists will suit your mood.

Pick-Me-Up Mist
1 drop eucalyptus
2 drops geranium
3 drops peppermint

Calm-Me-Down Mist
2 drops bergamot
1 drop frankincense
3 drops lavender

1. Fill a clean, dry mini spray bottle with 4 ounces of pure distilled water.
2. Using a dropper, carefully put the selected blend of essential oils directly into the spray bottle.
3. Tightly close the bottle and shake vigorously to combine.
Be sure to shake it before each use, as the water and essential oils tend to separate From Body + Soul Magazine, Pg 26, June 2006.

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