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Thursday, June 01, 2006 Cool Household Tips Using Tea - Hints

Here are a few unusual tips you might not have known, just using TEA!

  1. Just brewed teabags--still hot--make ideal compresses. Great for relief from Pink Eye
    Put used chamomile teabags in the freezer until they are almost solid (about 10 minutes). Take the teabags out of the freezer and place on eyes. The coolness and the soothing properties of the chamomile flowers in helps reduce puffiness.
  2. To heal plantar warts, soak a black tea bag in hot water, and then place the damp bag on the wart itself for fifteen minutes once or twice a day. The tannic acid is just as good at killing the wart as the acids in various over-the-counter wart removers!
  3. BEE STINGS - Take used tea bags and place on the sting to bring the swelling down and ease the pain.
  4. Use a chilled pitcher of peppermint tea as a foot soak. It will invigorate hot, tired feet.

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